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Isaac Mavuso, Facilitator l Speaker l Coach l MC l Author and Publisher is passionate about personal and business STARTUP development. 

Entrepreneurship is the twenty first century buzz word, with ideals full of promises and hopes to combat the triple challenges in South Africa. Isaac Mavuso has dedicate his life to empower Kasi people to understand and simplify the concept of entrepreneurship as well as understanding the importance of basic compliance to running a successful business. Isaac Mavuso Author and runs  an Online Magazine

South Africa is talking about radical economic transformation for black people as a way to empower them in transferring and to own the means and resources of production to thrive economically. Urgent we need  Radical Mental Transformation, this is the capacity we need to help us achieve and to hold a prominent seat in the economic tables without a prospect of subtotaling ourselves in the process. My contribution is to empower novice and aspiring entrepreneurs to see the opportunities and the responsibilities for such.

Basic Entrepreneurship & Business Plan Development Workshop

# Striving for Compliance Session

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