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Based in Ekurhuleni, South Africa

The Facilitator Magazine is a publication that seeks to facilitate a selective yet empowering reader experience with thought provoking text that will challenge and engage facilitators and industry leaders. We aim to motivate our readers by sharpening the minds while enriching your perspective through our content. 


Isaac Mavuso, Facilitator l Speaker l Coach l MC l Author and Publisher is passionate about personal and business (STARTUP) development, I believe Entrepreneurship hope for uprooting poverty in South Africa.

Entrepreneurship is the twenty first century buzz word, with ideals full of promises and hopes to combat the triple challenges in South Africa. Isaac Mavuso has dedicate his life to empower Kasi people to understand and simplify the concept of entrepreneurship as well as understanding the importance of basic compliance to running a successful business. Isaac Mavuso Author and runs  an Online Magazine

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