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Isaac Mavuso, Facilitator l Speaker l Coach l MC l Author of the Ten Elements to Run a Kasi Business and Publisher of the Online Magazine. The Facilitator. I am passionate about personal and small business development for township business. He is the 2017 Finalist for South African Men of the Year Award, Entrepreneurs Category. Isaac is passionate about personal and business (STARTUPS) development, I believe Entrepreneurship is the hope for uprooting poverty in South Africa.

Isaac Mavuso has over ten years of training experience and trained on Human Resource Management and Training at Varsity College. A leader in his own right, founder of The Spirited Warrior Project, a life-changing and mind shifting session that will see you reaching for the stars.  The Spirited Warrior project aims to inspire people to believe in themselves and to harness the power within to experience it in their real life. The Spirited Warrior Project is aimed at township business and social entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneurship is the twenty first century buzz word, with ideals full of promises and hopes to combat the triple challenges in South Africa. Isaac Mavuso has dedicate his life to empower Kasi people to understand and simplify the concept of entrepreneurship as well as understanding the importance of basic compliance to running a successful business.



Isaac Mavuso
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Isaac Mavuso Project


Kasi entrepreneurs are pioneers in the making confronted with continuous challenges on how to growth and manage their businesses successfully. Most start-ups cannot afford to attend empowering workshops and seminars which take long hours and are usually expensive for financially challenged entrepreneurs. Knowing that the key to business growth and success is information and knowledge of the resources and how to access them and the power of networking. Making this Brunch a must attend event.   The brunch is aimed at entrepreneurs from in and around Ekurhuleni with newly registered business or operational businesses that are struggling to grow including aspiring entrepreneurs and co-operatives. We are having maximum of 150 people commitment fee R 350, what you will benefit. 

We aim to:To inspire entrepreneurial tenacity and hope, to link SME’s to available opportunities, to encourage entrepreneurs to run a compliant business, to highlight the impact of BEE and enterprise development, to encourage structured networking platforms and forums   We intend to partner with relevant government departments to infuse a radical approach to enterprise and kasi entrepreneurial development. As we get closer to the day we will share more details about the event.


Isaac Mavuso brings an affordable bridge as a solution to our Kasi entrepreneurs.  We bring an educational session and networking opportunity with practical take homes to empower start-ups a well-deserved experience for entrepreneurs. In one package the: “Entrepreneurial BRUNCH Experience.”


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– Isaac Mavuso’s Book

– Business Plan Template
– Business Profile Template

– Four group Coaching (spread over 4 months)

– 3 Professional digital pictures by EZ photography

 “If there is no devil within the devil without will do you no harm”

African proverb




The Facilitator Magazine is an online publication that seeks to facilitate a selective yet empowering reader experience with thought-provoking text that will challenge and engage facilitators and industry leaders.

We aim to motivate our readers by sharpening the minds while enriching your perspective through our content. this publication is revolutionary since this  is the only publication dedicated to facilitators, the industry and to all that a directly and indirectly impacted.


Ten Elements to Run a Successful Kasi Buiness




Is designed to empower you as a reader with practical elements to run and manage a business, planning and application. Included in the book are helpful articles and basic tools to help you run a compliant business.



1. Self-awareness

2. Have a vision

3. Planning

4. Sales/ Selling

5. Money Matters


6. Delight Customers

7. Personal Dev.

8. Compliance

9. Get a Mentor

10. Grow the Business

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Isaac Mavuso


The Basic Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development workshop is a two day empowering interactive experience aimed at aspiring, novice businesses and social entrepreneurs with minimal or lack knowledge about entrepreneurship as well as how to develop a basic business plan. At the core we aim to ignite and inculcate the culture of entrepreneurship to our communities.




A dynamic Speaker and power house MC for all kinds of Events. He is professional and bring a light feel. ” An MC can make or break an event and I make it great”